The iPhone 6 Could Arrive In The First Quarter Of 2014

We are yet to see this tears iPhone handset hit the shelves and already much attention is focusing on the iPhone 6, the model rumoured to arrive in 2014. New reports are suggesting that Apple may break tradition and release this exciting new model much earlier in the year than when they normally launch a new device.iPhone 6

The latest reports to emerge relating to the iPhone 6 suggest that the handset is set to hit shelves during the first quarter of 2014. Traditionally we see new iPhone handset arrive towards the end of quarter 3 or at the beginning of quarter 4 but their next generation flagship model is due to arrive much earlier than normal. Tech site Patently Apple broke the news and they commented “A new report today is citing a note by Citi Research saying that Apple will launch an iPhone with 4.8-inch screen next year. Contrary to Apple’s traditional iPhone events held in September, Citi’s note says that the larger iPhone design is being scheduled to debut in Q1 2014″. It is expected that prior to the release of this new model the American company will launch a new cheaper version of the iPhone which should help the company to expand its market share and appeal to a wider spectrum of consumers.

This latest report does not exactly go into specifics regarding the devices name but it is widely believed to be the iPhone 6, a model that will not only boast a brand new design but also a host of new features. There is the possibility that this model could be named the iPhone 5S but we expect that the 5S will arrive later this year and could even be the cheaper model that has been rumoured. It looks as though Apple are set to increase the display size on their 2014 handset. A 4.8 inch display is suggested, a big jump from the 4 inch screen found on the iPhone 5 and much closer to the size of competing models such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One.

We were expecting to see the iPhone 6 arrive in 2014 and it now looks as though this brand new device could make an appearance much earlier in the year than any of us had anticipated.