iOS7 On Schedule And Set To Debut In September With The iPhone 5S

We have been hearing numerous reports about the next generation iPhone’s from Apple and how these devices have encountered a number of delays in their production. The new iPhone 5S release has been pushed back to September and the iPhone 6 is unlikely to arrive until 2014 but one product not encountering these delays is the new iOS7 operating system which is set to arrive on time according to latest reports.iphone 5s

iOS7 is the next version of Apple’s famous operating system which is used by various devices including the iPhone, iPod and iPad. iOS7 is expected to debut at around the same time as the iPhone 5S in September and according to a number of new reports the software is on schedule. A number of insider sources have confirmed this with the All Things D website and it has also been backed up by renowned Apple watcher Jim Dalrymple who posted the news on his own personal blog. We have not yet received an official launch date for the new software but we should get our first glimpse of the software next month at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference which takes place between the 10th and the 14th of June.

The new iOS7 software will introduce some big changes and it has been confirmed that design guru Sir Jony Ive is heading the team who are developing this new package. It has been reported that a team of engineers have been pulled from developing the new OS X 10.9 platform in order to ensure that iOS7 arrives on time. Apple did a similar thing back in 2007 when OS X engineers were drafted in to help complete iOS for the original iPhone. According to All Things D Sir Ive is looking to “de-Forstallise” the platform, a reference to Scott Forstall who recently left Apple following the maps problems that were encountered on iOS6. Ive is said to be keen on creating a flatter iOS platforms the resembles Windows 8 and this could mean that elements such as the Games Centre and Notes which currently offer their own unique designs will be totally revamped. We should get a chance to try out the new software for ourselves in September which is when the new iPhone 5S is also set to make an appearance.

iOS7 will form an integral part of the new iPhone 5S handset and the fact that the software is on schedule and set to arrive in September suggests that we should also see the new iPhone arrive around this time.

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